Meltdown London

martes, 4 abr.

Street Fighter V Tournament


Once again we're entering the world of Street Fighter V! We'll have all the newest characters unlocked and ready to go as we once again probably head to training stage to crown a new champion! This event will be a weekly series on Tuesdays, with signups from 7PM, and the tournament at 7:30PM! We'll be playing the game on PC, with 144hz monitors.

Setups will be available from 5PM when we open, and entry will be £10 (£5 to the pot, and £5 to the venue in the form of a drinks token). Please bring cash! This fee gets you access to the venue for the entire evening, so get the games in while you can!

Pay-out will be to top 3 in the form of a 60/30/10 split.

All streamed live at!

  • martes, 4 abr.

  • 6:00 p. m.

  • 342 Caledonian Road
    London, N1 1BB

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